We are so proud to be announcing our recent partnership with the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and we have now finished our second week providing cleaning services to 35 fire stations across the whole of North Yorkshire. We are fully committed to providing these exceptional people with immaculate work environments, they deserve nothing less and we look forward to the coming weeks and months.


Our finely tuned mobilisation plan allowed for a smooth transition from one contractor to another and we have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new members of the team not to mention witnessing the stunning scenery. Jason Hill (MD) visited every site prior to the transfer along with Area Manager, Kevin Done. A mammoth task but it did allow them to experience some Yorkshire hospitality!

Each site has been provided with new machinery, equipment and cleaning products from our local suppliers together with a comprehensive Cleaning Manual with a wealth of information from health and safety to human resources. The team handled the TUPE transfer with confidence and compassion, ensuring that nobody would feel uncomfortable with the transition and we actively welcome phone calls, as it’s always good to talk!

Once again, we have demonstrated our commitment to providing a quality, value for money service whilst increasing the wage rates, as all our North Yorkshire staff are fortunate to be receiving a pay rise. As a company, this is something that we feel strongly about and we are determined to continue driving the wage rates up for our greatest asset.

What’s next?

Industrial Facilities Manager, Tom Skerritt along with Rob Eastwood (our resident photographer! – thanks for the wonderful landscape shots!) have been out and about revisiting fire stations and making sure both client and new employees are happy.

The future’s bright…….

This year, Intrinsic has gone from strength to strength and as the saying goes, you certainly reap what you sow. The team has worked tirelessly to make contract awards like this a realisation and we are extremely excited about what the future holds.