Next week sees the return of our ISO 9001 Quality Management Consultant, Clive Parish. We are now well on our way to achieving our certification, with next week being Clive’s penultimate visit.

Clive is a consultant at HPA Consultancy and provides us with the assistance and support we need during the implementation phase.  His visits span across 8 months, ensuring our devised quality management system is fully operational before we are put forward to the assessment body.

UKAS Accredited body

We chose to use a UKAS accredited body to assess us and award the standard. This means that they and their competency have been independently verified. An increasing number of customers are insisting on UKAS-accredited certification, which is why we chose this route.

What is ISO?

ISO standards are just a Quality Management System (QMS) with specific guidelines on how to document the processes. It is focused on consistency and record keeping, demonstrating uniformity across products and services.

What are the benefits?

By approaching ISO 9001 implementation in a practical way, adopted systems work to improve the business and are not a set of procedures that are hard to manage. Our business objectives are a focal point, with our system set to achieve improved levels of customer satisfaction together with helping and supporting our staff.

We believe that the benefits to our customers are:

  • Improved quality and service
  • Right-first-time attitude
  • Fewer complaints
  • Commitment to quality

Through ISO 9001, we demonstrate that Intrinsic FM has a competent team that values our clients’ needs. We are committed to continuing improvement and development so that all sectors of the company receive the best possible service.