Having recently been awarded ISO 9001 and to not lose any momentum, we have decided to jump straight into the next standard, ISO 45001. This is a new ISO standard and has been developed to replace OSHAS 18001 in March 2018. This sets out the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management best practice and provides a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within the workplace.

ISO 45001 requires the incorporation of health and safety aspects in the overall management system of the organisation, thus driving top management to have a stronger leadership role with respect to the OH&S management system.

Safety First

We actively promote health and safety in the workplace and the involvement of all staff to ensure it is a safe place to work. This year we have rolled out our ‘Safety First’ scheme which will focus on a different topic each month. Employees will have the opportunity to visit important aspects of health and safety including Slips, Trips and Falls and Manual Handling over the course of the year. These sessions will be delivered by our IOSH qualified Business Managers and will include Tool Box Talks, quick quizzes and informative posters.

The emphasis of the scheme is to empower all members staff to become Health and Safety Ambassadors and to open up a clear dialogue between managers and front line staff to ensure that everyone stays safe at work.

H & S Consultants

We are also now working in partnerships with ELAS. They are providing us with a comprehensive range of support and together with their knowledge and expertise we will deliver the highest standards of health and safety to all our workforce.