Last month we were thrilled to have been awarded several contracts in the Cheshire education sector. Whether it’s school cleaning, college or nursery cleaning, we are passionate about this sector and we believe we do it well. We appreciate the demands and the fluctuation in footfall throughout the academic year and our service can be adjusted accordingly to make the best use of resources.


Key to success

Our success in the education sector is due to the level of transparency we demonstrate when it comes to costing.  School business managers and bursars must work within tight budgets and we understand this financial pressure. Honesty and openness from day one lays the foundation to a positive and lasting relationship with our clients. ‘What you see is what you get’ comes into its own when we walk through your door.

We have demonstrated time and time again the ability to achieve:

  • Substantial annual savings allowing for the allocation of funds to other areas
  • Improved service and support by being completely customer focused
  • Increases in wage rates over and above the national living wage

Flexibility is also a major factor. Each establishment is unique and our service provides our clients with the flexibility they require without compromise- and that’s a promise.



We have extensive experience with dealing with TUPE transfers and strive to make these transfers seamless and unproblematic. Were necessary, we will seek advice from our employment lawyer at Turner Parkinson, to ensure all matters relating to TUPE are resolved in accordance with the law. As soon as possible, we endeavour to engage in dialog with all transferable employees to welcome them and give them the necessary reassurance. This forms the basis of our mobilisation plan, which we believe is the keystone to a successful and smooth change in contractor.


We’d love to hear from you!

We are delighted that our portfolio in the education sector is rapidly growing. We know that we do a great job. We value our employees and give them the skills, resources and support, together with rates of pay that reflect our appreciation. In return we are rewarded with a team that work hard and passionately and whom share our overall goal in becoming an intrinsic part of any school, college or nursery.

If you feel that you are paying over the odds for you contract cleaning or you are not receiving the expected service level or attention that you desire then please get in touch. We would be delighted to provide you with a no obligation quotation and demonstrate to you what we are about. We will ultimately be able to save you money, increase the service levels and provide you with a learning environment to be proud of!